BIDAC offers the following services, leveraging imaging, AI and data science:

  • Consulting to explore image analysis and visualization needs of biomedical projects.
  • Building AI solutions, leveraging deep learning and machine learning models
  • Developing image processing workflows or software prototypes for health science projects
  • Performing AI-based image analysis, data science, or scientific visualizations for research projects
  • Providing software support including maintenance, current documentation and training for a collection of software tools supporting university image and data analysis, as well as visualization needs
  • Fostering cross-disciplinary collaborative efforts by organizing educational events and workshops including hands-on training sessions with joint discussions of driving biological and biomedical problems and computational solution strategies.

New services

We have developed and applied novel services, in use via multiple collaborations. 

AI-enabled image analysis

We have developed expertise in building, training and comparing state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to enable robust image classification, regression and segmentation tasks. 

Big data engineering workflow for AI in radiology imaging

In partnership with researchers from Radiology, EDW and CHPC, we have leveraged software and hardware infrastructure to support secured data transfer from PACS, database archiving and data management of large radiological datasets, enabling subsequent AI analysis. 

Statistical Shape Modeling

SSM is a computational branch of morphometrics that is rapidly becoming a standard tool for modern clinical research and medical device engineering. SSM is also now commonly used in many areas of basic biological research, including genetic phenotyping and neurobiology. BIDAC has significant expertise in SSM and uses custom software for group-wise analysis of both 2D and 3D anatomical shapes.

Automated image archiving and processing via the XNAT open-source imaging and informatics software platform

In partnership with clinical researchers and the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), we have been developing infrastructure to support local and distributed health sciences research projects that involve image acquisition, collection, and analysis (for example, clinical trials and registries). Our services include not only data archiving but also custom automated image processing workflows (such as image quality control or running FreeSurfer) on a PHI-secure XNAT server that is hosted at CHPC.

BIDAC hourly rates



Federal Rate

Other Academic Rate

External Rate

Consulting Advice and direction on data and image processing, image analysis, software, scientific computing and scientific data visualization $77 $119 $154
Software Prototyping -
Workflow Development
Software development - Implementation of data, image analysis or visualization workflows from existing software tools $73 $113 $146
Algorithm - Research Implementation of algorithms for scientific computing $83 $128 $166
Image Analysis - Basic Manual and semi-automatic image segmentation, simple registration $37 $57 $74
Image Analysis - Advanced Advanced image and data processing, including group-wise analysis $69 $106 $138
Image Analysis - Custom Project-specific image analysis services, including morphometrics and custom scientific visualizations $82 $126 $164
Training - Individual Training and user support in the use of software for image segmentation, image registration, scientific computing or data visualization $75 $116 $150
Training - Group Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing