BIDAC is a Health Sciences Core facility providing advanced image analysis, data science and visualization services to research laboratories and private industry. Our areas of expertise include AI (deep learning, machine learning), medical computing, scientific visualization, data science, data analytics and data engineering. These application-oriented consulting services leverage the expertise of the University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute, and therefore complement existing core services dedicated to the development of advanced imaging technologies.
BIDAC provides resources to support activities likely to have a sustainable impact on Utah research technology: by enhancing Utah-centered research capabilities, fostering collaborative multidisciplinary activities and/or generating new pilot results for grant submissions. 

Do you wonder how AI can benefit your health science projects, using deep learning or machine learning techniques? Does your group regularly use imaging equipment (e.g microscope, scanner) without a proper solution for image analysis? Do you need quantitative results from biomedical images for your scientific papers or grant applications? Do you need automated or more robust solutions for your ever-increasing datasets? BIDAC is ready to help you succeed in your research projects. 

BIDAC services and hourly rates

BIDAC offers a range of services, leveraging imaging, AI and data science:
  • Consulting to explore image analysis and visualization needs of biomedical projects.
  • Building AI solutions, leveraging deep learning and machine learning techniques
  • Developing image processing workflows or software prototypes for health science projects
  • Performing AI-based image analysis, data science, or scientific visualizations for research projects
  • Providing software support including maintenance, current documentation and training for a collection of software tools supporting university image and data analysis, as well as visualization needs
  • Fostering cross-disciplinary collaborative efforts by organizing educational events and workshops including hands-on training sessions with joint discussions of driving biological and biomedical problems and computational solution strategies.



Federal Rate

Other Academic Rate

External Rate

Consulting Advice and direction on data and image processing, image analysis, software, scientific computing and scientific data visualization $77 $119 $154
Software Prototyping -
Workflow Development
Software development - Implementation of data, image analysis or visualization workflows from existing software tools $73 $113 $146
Algorithm - Research Implementation of algorithms for scientific computing $83 $128 $166
Image Analysis - Basic Manual and semi-automatic image segmentation, simple registration $37 $57 $74
Image Analysis - Advanced Advanced imaging, AI and data science services $69 $106 $138
Image Analysis - Custom Project-specific image analysis services $82 $126 $164
Training - Individual Training and user support in the use of software for image segmentation, image registration, scientific computing or data visualization $75 $116 $150
Training - Group Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing


Contact - Applications

If you are interested in BIDAC services, please send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a description of your projects and the type of services needed, or fill in the application form.

BIDAC will contact you in a timely manner to set up a meeting with your group.

Work Authorization Form

Following a first meeting to discuss your project (scope, feasibility...), a work authorization is then needed for BIDAC to start this collaboration. To that end, please fill in the work authorization form: